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Lived Experience 

We are collecting feedback, specifically relating to lived experience trustees serving on charity boards, (i.e. trustees who have first hand experience of the charity's cause). Feedback will be analysed on a rolling basis, with a bi-annual report being produced. We are keen to hear from a wide range of individuals. Your feedback will help to ensure that charities have good systems and processes in place, and are adequately equipped to support trustees.

Are you a charity body with experience of recruiting and supporting trustees with lived experience? We would value your insights into what governance systems and processes were needed and established, in order to integrate trustees with lived expertise onto your board. Charities can provide feedback by emailing and including "Lived Experience Feedback" in the subject heading. Individuals with lived experience can provide feedback by completing the form below. 


Thanks for your feedback!

Please note that we are not currently accepting further submissions.

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